Unlock the Power of
Human Data Intelligence

Leverage the most comprehensive psychometric graph to drive your business
forward and effectively deploy your digital strategies.

Identifying new team-fit candidates

Before using CykoMetrix, LGG Media's marketing call center had a 4% annual retention rate. After using the platform, it rose to 45%.

Proof of Consultation Value

Ed Krow, LLC, measured 4 human values and deployed CykoMetrix to measure a benchmark and then twice more later after deploying targeted workshops, principally to improve an industrial company's executive team's agreeableness. Performed Pulses before, in the middle and after the workshops. They could show the executives that their agreeableness dimension increased by 19.5%. Success!

Measuring Team Effectiveness & Climate

Intuity Performance, a Canadian leadership consulting company, used CykoMetrix to measure and improve a junior hockey potential effectiveness as a team. A Pulse was made measuring Team Effectiveness, Team Climate and over a dozen other parameters before the hockey season started, then another Pulse was made after it ended. Team Effectiveness improved by 2.7% and Team Climate by 30% over the season.

Continuous Development: Emotional Intelligence

Healthcare practitioners often suffer from anxiety and stress given the nature of their work. Emotional Intelligence is key to sustained wellness in that environment. Common Ground gave a single workshop and used our platform to measure a 2.2% increase in EQ among participants almost immediately.

How we solve your Business Challenges

Psychometric and personality assessments

Digitization of assessments, surveys, questionnaires and other employee engagement tools
Automate assessment delivery and management
Automatically generate customized reports to specific audiences
Cross-correlate assessment results with other data sets, show how human factors correlate to business outcomes

Personal and Organizational Development Effectiveness

Assess skills gaps and and tailored training proposals, highly customized continuous development plans.
Measure effectiveness of interventions with "Pulses" to monitor progress and measure outcomes
Assess team dynamics to address dysfunction or create highly functioning teams
Measure human data to inform better decisions and avoid unintended consequences

Digital Transformations

Assess the organization for readiness and identify gaps that may affect success
Measure adaptability and impact of interventions
Track adaptivity as new digital tools and infrastructure are introduced
Objectively measure and monitor the human factors that affect successful outcomes
Security, Identity and Access Management

Security, Identity and Access Management

Multiple account access types to address privacy concerns
Automate assessment delivery and management
Anonymization of private information
Hosted on localized secure servers

The CMX Effect

Data-Driven Solutions for Enhanced Assessment Collect, Monitor, and xCorrelate.

The platform Collects data from multiple sources, like our assessment marketplace, an enterprises' database, and/or files and structures it into valid human dimensions with which you can take measurements to get the Pulse of individuals and teams.

The CMX Effect

Data-Driven Solutions for Enhanced Assessment Collect, Monitor, and xCorrelate.

Pulse whole teams to see human data in context. Measure differences in measured and inferred dimensional data to apply customized overlay services effectively, and provide tangible proof of the impact of environment and/or training to decision-makers.

The CMX Effect

Data-Driven Solutions for Enhanced Assessment Collect, Monitor, and xCorrelate.

Isolate subgroups of individuals with certain characteristics to run drill-down analysis on them. Graph out dimensions from different sources together to see how they may trend and influence each other. Find new meaning in human data trends.

Our Services

Harness the Power of Human Data

Assessment Digitization

Consolidate assessment delivery, data management, and analytics/report curation.

Human Data System of Record

Be the system of record for human data intelligence in your projects and for the enterprise.

Marketplace for Assessments

Access a marketplace of assessments to enhance your human data insights.


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Empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions using the power of human data

The CykoMetrix platform, is the world’s first and most comprehensive psychometric graph which includes a comprehensive assessment product marketplace, human data tracking over time and automated analytics and report generation.

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Privacy and Security

Cornerstones of Our Data
Protection Policy.

GDPR-level standards

System forces all participants, organizations and administers alike, agree to opt into sharing human data and protecting people’s privacy.

Secure infrastructure

Data is stored securely and can only be accessed by validated administrators who agree to abide by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Anonymization of Human Data

Our database separates names from actual data so whenever not necessary, a person’s data is hidden in our database system.