Ottawa Company Solves the Continuous Development Problem

Jul 3, 2023

Ottawa, Canada.  March 3rd 2022 – CykoMetrix, a SaaS-based psychometric platform company, finished a six-figure investment round.  It offers a platform for service-providers that solves the business service provider challenge of getting repeat engagements with clients.

The subscription-based platform offers a white-label offering specifically designed to give service-providers and their clients the psychometric information they need to precisely deploy development activities using online human data analytics. Contrary to most psychometric assessment-makers, CykoMetrix partners with resellers to integrate their own proprietary assessments and use the platform’s data analysis platform to benchmark results and track developments over time.

Using proprietary algorithms, the CykoMetrix service also provides its own industry-proven psychometric assessments to its resellers, empowering them to engage their clients in effective continuous development, maximizing effectiveness, and productivity, out of the box too. The system automatically suggests to both the client company and the reseller what activities would be most valuable to develop the client’s teams.  CykoMetrix can track their employee’s psychometrics and training suggestions as they evolve over time.  The process therefore allows company executives to spend their development budgets precisely where it is needed.  

Ross Norrie, CykoMetrix CTO, explains. “We found out that companies often had a difficult time convincing their executives to spend their development budgets consistently and receive proper ROI feedback from the activities that came after psychometric assessments issued by their human resources departments.  Our platform bridges the communications gap, which helps companies convince their executives it is worthwhile to continue doing development activities through data tracking and our other features.”

CykoMetrix has clients in North America and Asia and are looking to expand on other continents.

About CykoMetrix

CykoMetrix is a leading edge combinatorial psychometric and human data analytics company that brings the employee assessment industry to the cloud, with instant assessments, in-depth analysis, trait measurements, and team-based reporting features that simplify informed decision-making around recruiting, training, and managing today’s modern workplace.

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