What is Your Employer DNA?

Jul 21, 2021

Today, companies are trying to latch onto some organizational purpose to appeal to millennials and younger generations. The fact is, in the light of having more choices, consumers now seek companies that align with their own personal purpose and values for their purchases. This is true for consumers and is also true for employees. According to McKinsey Global Institute research, 82% of employees believe it is important for the company they work for to have a purpose beyond profits. The same report states that of 2,000 academic studies that have examined the impact of environmental, social, and governance propositions on equity returns, 63% of them found positive results. Being purpose-driven means a more motivated staff, laying the groundwork to higher productivity and profitability.

But what if your business does not have an established purpose? If your company has a defined purpose, what are the values employees care most about? To define an excellent purpose, one must measure the predominant values of the employees. Otherwise, a company bolting on a social purpose risks alienating their staff.

Unfortunately, measuring staff values is a challenge. Most companies do not have comprehensive tools to determine what employees care about, much less how to modify values or to ensure new hires have the same values as existing employees.

Most employers limit their employee analytics to determine why something has already happened, like an increase in turnover rate. Analysis of a company’s employees allows a company to get a sense of what human attributes its staff values most, and it can then tailor effective training to increase those values and thus reinforcing an established corporate culture aligned with its purpose. Using the proper tools, leadership can determine the company’s Employer DNA. Once leadership measures the company’s Employer DNA, the business can easily use the same tools to measure potential hires to ensure a good DNA compatibility fit. These tools can help maintain culture and values alignment, thus optimizing staff motivation and passions.

CykoMetrix’ online services give companies the power to determine their Employer DNA. These services measures how effective each team member by quantifying 7 main characteristics, produces cognitive, emotional intelligence and personality scores. CykoMetrix’ interactive reporting tools lets companies list staff values from a list of nearly 60 attributes, from honesty to agreeableness, from irritability, to sociability. The system also compares more operational characteristics like regulation of emotions, quantitative reasoning, and overall quality score.

Want to know what is your Employer DNA? Have your teams take the CykoMetrix evaluations and you can determine the top values your team cares about. Each team member will receive a full report, including tips on how they can become better team members. Leadership also receives a Team Health Report where the system suggests the type of training best suited to make the team more effective, improve team climate and overall quality. Finally, you get to use all the interactive tools to find the ideal new hires and see your team’s values.

With these services, you will know your Employer DNA. After some team training, you can use the CykoMetrix Pulse system to see how values and scores have changed. With such tools at your fingertips, it should be easy to align your company’s purpose or to choose an appropriate one that best fits your company’s culture.

Using such tools puts you and your company in the driver’s seat, using data to direct the future you want, instead of looking back at what was.

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